Come and Drum
Let your hands dance and your soul smile
Drum circles
What is the meaning and the action of a drum circle?
In ancient times different cultures got together and drummed and sang during ceremonies, rituals, marriages and funerals to share the spirit and support each other.

Nowadays a drum circle is about bringing people from all walks of life together, no matter what age, cultural background or musical experience. There is no expectation of knowledge, and there is no right or wrong

There is no audience because everybody is part of the musical circle, and all share their rhythmical spirit which strengthens the bond of the community and lets their souls smile.

Facilitating a drum circle means guiding the participants to play with all kinds of hand drums, percussion instruments body percussion and singing into a synchron of pulse and rhythm.

The set of a circle gives us a feeling of belonging together, no matter the age, culture, language or musical expertise.

The facilitator conducts the different pitches and timbral groups with his body language and expression into a circle of musical orchestration.

The great benefits of being a part of a drum circle are:
● Fun
● Stress reduction
● All ages welcome
● Community building
● Self expression
● Mood changing
● Family activity
● Exercise for mind, body and spirit
● Feeling connected and supported